In 2021, the Community Health Worker Initiative , in collaboration with its partners, launched the Georgia Community Health Worker Network. The Community Health Worker Network serves as a professional network for CHWs in Georgia.

The Community Health Worker Network provides opportunities for community health workers (CHWs) to collaborate and learn together. Participants discuss updates on local, regional, and national CHW events; activities; policy development; and highlight local CHW projects. The CHW Network also advises the advisory board on professional development opportunities (trainings) and CHW career ladder development. The Community Health Worker Network also works in collaboration with the Georgia Community Health Worker Advocacy Coalition to create materials for employers, supervisors, legislators, and the community regarding the role of the CHW.


To unify the voices of community health workers in Georgia by strengthening the profession’s capacity to promote health equity and healthy communities through leadership, research, education, and policy development.


Community health workers in Georgia are united — serving as change agents, building capacity, and providing resources to elevate social justice, and partner with communities to achieve health equity.

Steering Committee

Chair, Amber Mullen
Co-chair, Krischelle Brown
Chair, Adrianne Proeller
State CHW Ambassador, Danina Battle
Secretary, Vacant
Membership Chair, Vacant
Grant and Development Chair, Vacant

Georgia Department of Public Health Districts